Family Gatherings and Holidays

The majority of families are tight-knit groups who have spent years together at the holidays, and they often have important traditions as far as food and entertainment are concerned. When the children have begun to leave home for careers and relationships, their traditions might become interrupted. If they are lucky, the family of their child’s spouse or partner does not celebrate the holiday, but many couples find they are torn on where to spend their time. It can become an awkward situation when splitting the holidays between two families, and it might even be impossible if the distance is too great to travel in a few hours.

Alternating Holidays

Many young couples today have chosen to spend an entire day with one family, and they will see the other family on the next holiday. It might work out best for them, but their loved ones could feel slighted if it is an important family gathering. Making the choice could involve a great deal of compromise on the part of one partner, but it also requires social grace and acceptance on the part of their families. Difficult to do under any circumstances, sharing their children with strangers on a holiday is difficult for everyone concerned.

Playing the Host

When all the children in one family are grown and away from home, they often decide it is time for them to take over hosting duties. If they are in a close geographical area, it can be a good way to pass traditions down to the next generation. The couple who is playing the host for the holiday is often the one with the best home for entertaining, and their loved ones will bring the special foods they will serve. This is a good way to get in-laws to share holidays as an extended family, but it will only work well if they enjoy each other’s company.

A Holiday Vacation

Many young couples have found their best bet for a good vacation is to take time off from work around the holidays, so they avoid the awkwardness of slighting either of their families. Their loved ones might not be very appreciative of their decision, but they have little choice in the matter. Going away for a vacation is a good way for a couple to relax together, and they can avoid the small disagreements that might crop up at family affairs. This is often a good solution for a few years, but it will tend to end once they have children of their own.

Celebrating the holidays with family is a tradition that goes back many years, and parents often look forward to it. It is a time to gather their children together as adults, and it can be the perfect time for everyone to feel loved in their former environment. Their young adults have finally learned to get along with each other during these times, and the holidays become some of the favourite occasions during the year for parents. They see the dream of their family becoming the reality they imagined years ago.